The Aakronite Story

AakronitelogoThe Aakronite story is about Kiwi ingenuity, which began in 1969 with a company known as Aakronite Decorative Limited. Using polyester resin, the company produced a range of imitation greenstone products, including tikis, tabletops, wall panels and penholders. Essentially, if it was made of greenstone, then Aakronite was capable of replicating it.

Aakronite was a name that was originally devised to represent high technology and toughness. As well as being highly memorable, Aakronite soon became a name that was synonymous with fine bathroomware.

In the late 1970s Aakronite began producing cultured marble vanity tops for other bathroomware manufacturers. This was the beginning of a rapidly expanding product category. This then led Aakronite into producing their own cabinetry which they then began manufacturing and marketing bathroomware on their own account.

In the mid 70s Aakronite, as a company, experienced rapid and continuous growth. The company was enjoying brand awareness second-to-none. That leading brand awareness still exists today. By the late 70s, Aakronite employed approximately 180 staff.

The Clearlite association began in the very early stages of 1972, when the company was supplying acrylic basins to Aakronite. Clearlite purchased Aakronite in 1991, and moved the production facilities into its Hillside Road factory in Glenfield, Auckland. The future continues to look promising for Aakronite, and the development of new Aakronite products (along with some of the old favourites) show no abatement.


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