Designing Your Bathroom

If the bathroom is space confined choose lighter tints which will always make a small area feel spacious. White for instance has been a favourite in bathrooms as it is simple, elegant, sophisticated and timeless.

Semi gloss walls and unobtrusive light fittings are functional features but you can add high gloss colours to the ceiling for a subtle highlight. If you have a bigger bathroom it is a great place to introduce bold colours to create a feature.

Lighting Tips

Lighting is important in a bathroom as it enables you to perform everyday tasks with ease. Halogen lights are ideal for tasks that require clear lighting such as shaving or applying make up. Recessed or spotlights combined with a wall light are also great for precision work as it offers a shadowless effect.

Tiling Tips

Different types of tiles serve a specific purpose so it is crucial that the right tile is selected for a particular area.

In outdoor areas where tiles are subjected to frost and high water absorption, it is important to use tiles with a water absorption level if less than 3%. Porcelain and White Body tiles are ideal for external areas. For internal wet areas, the recommended water absorption level is 6%, such as Spanish Red Body tiles.


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